All women love shoes! So, this should be easy.

Our private shoe parties are simple, fun & best of all our hostess party incentives are sensational!

Private shoe parties can be great for:

• Girls Night In • Coffee Mornings

• Office Party

• Hen Parties

• Baby Showers

• Birthdays

• And Many More!

Shoe Party Guidelines:

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are only offering Virtual Shoe Parties at this time (not in-person). Shoe Snobb Reps are not available for virtual parties. If you host a party, you will be responsible for coordinating your own virtual shoe party. All benefits and guidelines still apply to virtual parties.

• If the party is in-person, the host location must be within 1 hour of the Atlanta Metro area.

• A minimum of 10 guests is required.

• Shoe parties will last 2-3 hours.

• The Host will be responsible for providing the food and entertainment.

• The Shoe Snobb Rep will bring the shoe samples and the discounts!

• In order for this to be a success for both the Hostess and Shoe Snobb, your guests should enjoy high heels

and shopping online.

Shoe Party Benefits:

• Sip-N-Shop at home with friends (via Zoom, Facebook and so on).

• At work – Let us visit your company at lunch time and offer the staff a great shopping experience. The hostess’ reward can be donated to his/her charity (10% of the shoe party sales, up to $500).

• Need a new fundraising idea? – Throw a shoe party and we will donate 10% of your shoe party sales (up to $500) to your charity.

• Hostess will receive $5 for every $100 spent (up to $150). This monetary benefit will be in “ClosetCash” (not in actual U.S. dollars). ClosetCash must be redeemed the day of the event. No reward carry-over will be allowed. This reward is not available for a fundraising event.

• Shoppers will receive deep discounts ranging from 15-40% off (promos will vary based on the season and inventory)

• If a shoe party is booked during the event by one of the attendees, the hostess will receive a $30 gift certificate. The gift certificate will be awarded once the shoe party has been held.